Crapshoot: The Quest for Glory fan-game so controversial it's banned from forums

Crapshoot: The Quest for Glory fan-game so controversial it is banned from boards


From 2010 to 2014 Richard Cobbett wrote Crapshoot, a column about rolling the cube to carry random obscure video games again into the sunshine. This week… with followers like these, who wants enemies?

Quest for Glory is certainly one of my favorite collection of all time, a mixture of basic journey and RPG in a world stuffed with dreadful puns, hidden secrets and techniques, and lovely surroundings that stretched from the primary sport’s European forests to the grim horrors of Transylvanian Mordavia. Quest for Glory 4 specifically is a masterpiece; a sport that not solely assumes you will have the intelligence to easily roll with its Slavic setting and rogues, however which which options certainly one of my favorite villains/not fairly villains of all time. The entire collection is out there on GOG and Steam, and I urge you to test it out with a lot haste.

After which… after which there’s Quest for Glory 4 1/2: So You Thought You Have been A Hero,  a fan-made interquel that returns to the primary sport to see what occurred after you left. It is lengthy. It is robust. And it is so controversial, not less than one fan-forum has banned even mentioning it. Uh. Gulp?

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