Cloudpunk Switch Review | Blade Runner The Game?

Cloudpunk Swap Evaluate | Blade Runner The Recreation?

As we speak we check out Cloudpunk on the Nintendo Swap. This one is a cyberpunk story pushed expertise however does it do sufficient to earn a advice?

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34 thoughts on “Cloudpunk Swap Evaluate | Blade Runner The Recreation?

  1. As always thanks for watching, liking and subscribing! Who's gonna be adding this one to their collection? I've been really excited for this and you know what, I'll be revisiting it for sure! Join Our Discord: EDIT: One thing I did forget to mention in audio, the engine of your HOVA sounds great and they also have these pretty entertaining public service announcements occasionally when you walk around!

  2. This game is not Blade Runner at all. Just because it has Blade Runner/dystopian setting doesnt mean its anything like the movie or storyline. You deliver goods and see good and bad sides play out in what happens. Nothing more.

  3. I wouldn't bother with the Xbox One version in its current state and if the Switch version is anything like it, which I assume it is as compared to the PC version, I advise you take a hard pass until it is fixed. Currently requesting a refund due to game breaking glitches. If you talk to some NPC's twice they will give you a secondary duplicate quest marker and when you close and re-open the game you are cycled through every quest prompt and marker and the accompanying dialogue immediately one after the other, meaning you have to play the game in one session without exiting or you will be left with a majorly game breaking bug to greet you every time you re-open the game. All this on top of parts of the game where the game freezes up frequently and the long load screens for a pixel-art game made it incredibly disappointing. A shame because the aesthetic and the story was really intriguing me but are not worth the bugs.

  4. Hmm,sounds like a missed opportunity here from the developer's,based on this review anyway,it looks absolutely incredible,I'm a huge blade runner fan and when I saw this I was very excited for it but it seems the gameplay and content isn't anywhere near deep enough for me anyway which is a huge shame because is looks so bloody amazing but the gameplay and content is still everything and there doesn't seem to be that much to do here,I think ill pass

  5. LOVE THE VIDEO! So happy the game is finally out on switch I was wondering if like the pc version it is possible to play it with first-person view? I've been searching it online and haven't found any answers to this

  6. Uhh, this looks like 15-20 fps.
    Really too bad, If the framerate can’t even be at a locked 30 fps, I’ll have to play on PC. 🙁
    I mean, there are wayy more graphically advanced games that run beautifully on the Switch.
    After Ori and the Will of the Whisps, these kind of lazy ports are just not acceptable anymore.

  7. Huge "Cyberpunk", Synthewave fan but between the framerate issues and the pretty disappointing rendering distance I'm going to have to pass 🙁 The distance fog really reminds me of an N64 game haha.

  8. i feel like its time for a more powerful switch (pro?). Now it seems even the indie games coming out dont run well on the switch, games that are aweseom to have on the switch and to be mobile.

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