Celeste Review - One of the Greatest Games Ever Made

Celeste Assessment – One of many Best Video games Ever Made

In an business with so many passionate titles, Celeste stands tall as top-of-the-line. Its imaginative and prescient is flawlessly executed with glorious gameplay and presentation …

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36 thoughts on “Celeste Assessment – One of many Best Video games Ever Made

    I have not actually played Celeste myself

    Everyone says
    The strawberries don't matter
    Their just bragging rights

    The ending IS effected by collecting them
    Making you feel like a looser if you don't try your best to gather them all

    That line continues to confuse me

  2. While I don't really agree with this assessment that this is one of the greatest games ever made, I certainly agree that it's an achievement in game mechanics and level design. It never clicked with me quite as much as it seems to have with most people, but I definitely enjoyed my time with it.

  3. two of the biggest selling points to me was the music, and the gameplay. I hate rage games but this game technically isnt one. games like getting over it have weird, unfair controls. This game though, has very simple controls. c=jump z=climb x=dash. Thats it. The way it plays with it makes the game so interesting. Yes this game is very, VERY, hard but, it isn't unfair. Every death seemed like my fault. but seriously if you want to pick up this game prepare to rage. I even had to take breaks just to prepare for the next section of the level, but finishing a level just feels so good. completing the game 100% was such a huge fucking accomplishment to me. buy this game. Also the music is amazing, i listen to the ost regularly.

    Death count for proof:10,286

  4. Is this for real??? Um … there are these things called books. They've been around for a LONG time. Many of them tell stories in MUCH greater detail than video games. You should try one some time.
    P.S. This game looks like rubbish.

  5. Why does a decent 2d game come out and everyone rages over it when 10 years ago a very well made Nintendo DS game doesn't get any attention at all? I mean don't get me wrong the game is good but there are more crafted games out there.

  6. Call me a madman, I didn’t really like Celeste. I think it’s heavily overrated and kind of generic.
    Please understand that opinions exist. Don’t get butthurt over my opinion. Also discuss if you want

  7. I just bought this game and played through the first 3 levels and whoa. I'm so drawn in to this game its amazing. I didn't wanna stop playing but I had to otherwise I'd be playing all night

  8. Celeste was a good game. Good controls and great platforming that I couldn't fault. But Hollow Knight was just something else. The exploration and storytelling in that game keeps me going back in a way Celeste doesn't. Didn't really get all that invested in it but that's just me.

  9. I got the game for free through Xbox Live Games With Gold. After completing the main story, I went back and payed the $20 for it, because this is exactly the kind of game I want to see more of in the future. I don't mean that I want to see more hardcore platforms per se, but that I want more games that tell a story as much through their mechanics as their art, music, or writing. Every element of Celeste works together to create one of the most cohesive gaming experiences I have ever had the pleasure to play.

  10. All you do in this game is die and die and die to learn how not to die and reach the other end of the screen. Your reward?
    Another screen which could take another 50 deaths to master and on it goes. Just being chased by that crazy hotel manager. Dying and dying and dying. I've given this game some time because everyone goes on and on a out how this is the greatest game, a marvel an absolute bomb. While I appreciate that it might be a great game for reasons I simply can't understand, I'm completely bored with it and just pissed off really.

    No flow at all, nothing to enjoy there's simply nothing in this game just tedious jumping around and dying a lot, jumping back at the beggining. I can imagine this is the whole game about, but then this whole game is a just a big, very tedious chore. With the reward being more chores and grind.

    Maybe it just tells about my mental state, but this game just pisses me off. And the way people talk about it, pushes me to try to open my mind to it, but it just fucking pisses me off!!!

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