Bloodborne The Board Game Review

Bloodborne The Board Recreation Evaluate

I’ve cherished taking part in Bloodborne The Board Recreation over the previous few weeks, and my many playthroughs have given me plenty of perception into the sport and its improbable, and never so good, areas.

All ideas are my very own and based mostly on my experiences. And, as at all times, this isn’t a how you can play!

Thanks for all of the assist I’ve acquired in producing these movies. It has been extremely humbling to obtain fixed views and feedback from the board sport and bloodborne communities. Cheers!

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8 thoughts on “Bloodborne The Board Recreation Evaluate

  1. I watched some of your videos and I could imagine your opnion. Just like you, I backed this game because it was Bloodborne, I have to be honest. Now I'm so glad there's actually an awesome board game behind the IP and the miniatures.

    I agree with everything you said. This game really ages well. Just by watching someone play a chapter you already played you can gain so much 'insight'. Like the example you said about waiting for enemy activation, the way someone reveals the map or how to upgrade a certain hunter. It all makes a difference.

    On the negative side I would only add that I worry about the tiles quality in the long term. I'm playing it so much I fear it will wear off or get damaged. I wish they would sell extra tiles just like they did to zombicide.

  2. Great review video! Love your Bloodborne videos and can't wait to see more as you get your hands on the expansions. BTW I've played with 4 players, of varying skill levels, and it was a great time! The only catch is you really have to minimize when people go back to the Dream for leveling.

  3. Me when I first saw photographs of the game and all of its expansion packs stacked together in a huge tower: Boy, I'm glad I didn't buy the whole thing.

    Me after playing the game a couple times: WHY DIDN'T I BUY THE WHOLE THING?!

  4. Really nice review that contains everything. Good and bad part. I'm also wondering about the 4 players.
    I think, you need to be more at peace at higher player count about the chaos. Not everybody will be on the same "level", not everybody will have the same idea and it's too difficult, on crisis time, to strategize everything.

    And I think it's interesting as, a single player, boss/ennemies can be pretty much controlled and fought "easily" (when you know how to play well). At 3 players. That became FAR HARDER! And a win against the cleric beast was excruating. (And you can't alpha play too much)

    Need to play more to see more of it. It's just that good that you want to keep going back in the hunt to find more, experiment more.

    Btw: I want to watch your other videos, but due to the nature of the game, I don't want to spoil myself. So I will watch specific playthrought after I finish my own! Part of the joy is to discover that you're royally fucked due to something, only to finally managed to get through it, by luck and skill. (Or die and you know what to expect for the next time)

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