BioPhoenix Game Reviews: Sailor Moon Games (Super Famicom)

BioPhoenix Recreation Critiques: Sailor Moon Video games (Tremendous Famicom)

Episode 62
sure this actually occurred. so that is an episode the place i discuss 3 video games on the tremendous Famicom primarily based off the anime collection Sailor Moon want was one thing i grew up with. additionally the primary time wanting right into a Tremendous Famicom sport and there will likely be extra at a later time so thanks for watching and commenting 🙂
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10 thoughts on “BioPhoenix Recreation Critiques: Sailor Moon Video games (Tremendous Famicom)

  1. lol I did a lets check out of the first game you reviewed back in 2010. I thought it was a cross between Streets of Rage and Barbie. It was a video response to Sick0Fants review.

  2. The beat 'em ups WERE two-player, and you can hold down the attack button to charge a magic attack. Bosses automatical own your ass should you try using it on them, however.

    And no Tuxedo Kamen in the fighting game? SEXISM!

    I got a reproduction cart, but the label has Usagi's eternal self from the 5th season, while the game was set between the third and fourth. Nerdy nitpick alert.

  3. I'd definitely like to get the fighter and the RPG. One other weird thing I noticed about the RPG is that there are no text boxes when characters speak. Not a bad thing, but it is pretty unique.

  4. Well at least its nice to know that all the sailor moon games for the snes turned out to be solid experiences nonetheless, but its understandable why none of the sailor moon games got a north american release. Since the majority of them were made in 1995-1996, the snes was pretty much on its way out to make room for the N64, and pretty much at the time sailor moon was starting to get popular as well. It's nice to know the fans took the extra time to actually fan translate the rpg, it really shows how much dedication they had towards the series.

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