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24 thoughts on “BEST SNIPER IN THE GAME REVIEWS REVOKER (Ideas + Gameplay)

  1. I love 72 rpm snipers because, though they can’t shut down all supers, they can shut down quite a few such as, Golden Gun, Spectral Blades, Dawnblade, sometime Hammer of Sol depending on their resilience, the only supers I really have problems shutting down is the arc supers, before I got the Revoker my go to was Bite of the Fox with snapshot and moving target, but the Revoker has become my personal favorite, personally I don’t like 140 rpm snipers

  2. im at 2000/3500 for my quest (already have the sniper kills) and jesus this has been the worst experience of any competitive game. Supers really ruin the fun ngl.

  3. I love all snipers only thing that kills snipers for me is zoom and design like I love the supremacy cause it reminds of a d1 sniper but for a long time I loved 72s cause they had that damage that felt good but after changes 140 are nice but I only use them cause there fast and the only one I use is the supremacy cause of its look other than that I will straight go for my sole survivor got the curated one with snapshot day one of last season and i love it was my main thing for awhile until I wanted to change up my load out it’s always there it’s my trusty snip I go to but I do wish the revoker was a 90 or a new class of sniper like between 90 and 140 but I’m gonna get it and use it anyways I love snipers and I will always make sure ones in my load out also keep up the great content

  4. The sniper is very nice because of ambush sights. In fast competitive gameplay, twilight oath is still something i'd use over revoker. Definately a brilliant sniper for hitting clips in qp though, i really enjoy revoker-recluse in qp

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