Avalanche Review Game 18: Avs 4, Jets 0, root beer

Avalanche Assessment Recreation 18: Avs 4, Jets 0, root beer

Colorado Avalanche VS Winnipeg Jets recreation evaluation

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17 thoughts on “Avalanche Assessment Recreation 18: Avs 4, Jets 0, root beer

  1. Hey Rudo, you should give us a Makar highlight video for those of us who don't always get to see each game. I hear you talk about him and show the play but can't find any highlights on youtube that aren't college or last year's playoffs, keep up the good work!!

  2. Sorry, Rudo, I needed a place to vent. Just saw the (apparently) leaked photo of the Avs stadium series jersey and I am stunned in near-disbelief. In all seriousness, I think it just might be the worst sports jersey of all-time from any sport; at least I cannot think of a worse one. It's like something a lesser-talented grade-schooler might slap together in art class. My only therapy is to laugh.

  3. Ok Rudo, I'm a fan and watch a lot of your videos, so don't take this personally. First, the new lights are too bright- they make you look really pale and reflect oddly in your eyes. Second, I think you should move the mike down a bit as it's distracting when it covers up your mouth. Keep up the good work, and go Avs go!

  4. "Hockey's fun, man." (11:30) — When things go your way like they did last night, it sure is! Q: Is Francouz ok? A player (any player) lying motionless on the ice is an awful feeling. (To be fair, his quick shift to the left at the last split second made it significantly worse.) Also, being a dad, I like a lot of dad jokes — fair Werning.

  5. Thank you for saying that about Scheifele not trying to do anything. I was trying to make that argument elsewhere online and it wasn't the going understanding. He's got 5 inches and 50 lbs on Girard, you can't tell me he got so outmuscled that he could do nothing to change direction, speed, or stop short.

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