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Ah sure, the episode the place everybody’s gender is swapped. And Jake/Cake is a cat, as a result of everybody is aware of that canine are at all times male and cats are at all times feminine. It’s biology.

Even the intro has the gender-swapped characters.

I like how there’s no clarification for why everyone seems to be gender-swapped (and species-swapped, in Jake/Cake’s case) for this one episode at first, it simply is the way in which it’s. That’s so like this present, simply throwing odd stuff in your face and anticipating you to take care of it. We open with Fionna (Finn) and Cake serving to Prince Gumball (Princess Bubblegum) beautify for the Biennial Gumball Ball. Prince Gumball asks Fionna to come back to the Ball with him as his “pal”, which disappoints Fionna. Out of the blue, in comes the Ice Queen (take a guess who that is) to kidnap Gumball. Fionna and Cake battle her, and when the snow clears it appears as if Ice Queen has fled and Gumball is protected. Gumball is grateful to Fiona for saving his life, and he asks her to exit with him. Fionna says sure however is uncertain of whether or not or not he means for it to be a date, although Cake insists that it’s.

The following day, Fionna and Cake meet Gumball and Lord Monochromicorn (Woman Rainicorn) on the Fortress Gardens, the place Gumball provides Fionna a bouquet of flowers and a retractable crystal sword, after which the 4 of them go away for his or her “date”. They spend the day exploring Ooo and taking part in video games collectively, and Gumball even sings a romantic tune for Fionna. Ultimately, Lord Monochromicorn and Cake go away Gumball and Fionna alone collectively. Fionna asks Gumball if this was actually suppose to be a date, which amuses Gumball. He asks Fionna to come back to the Ball with him as his girfriend, so I suppose there’s your reply, Fionna.

When she will get again to the Tree Fort, Fionna excitedly tells Cake about Gumball asking her to the Ball as his girlfriend. Cake is happy for Fionna and helps her prepare for the Ball, dressing her up in a white ball robe. I discover it humorous and sort of cute that Fionna’s confused about the place she’s supposed to place her weapons since her purse is so small. She decides to take alongside the retractable crystal sword Gumball gave her since it might probably slot in her purse, after which she and Cake head to the Ball.

As soon as there, Gumball leads Fionna away to a bed room. A softly lit bed room with rose petals and candles. And he locks the door. And he says they’ve rather a lot to debate and begins eradicating his shirt whereas Fionna blushes and appears flustered. It appears to be like each bit as suggestive because it sounds. KID’S SHOW. However don’t fear, all that occurs is that Gumball seems to be Ice Queen in disguise, whereas the actual Gumball is frozen on the ceiling. Fionna pulls out her crystal sword to battle Ice Queen, however the sword was one other certainly one of Ice Queen’s tips, because it freezes Fionna’s arms. This doesn’t cease Fionna, who makes use of the block of ice round her arms to beat Ice Queen over the top. Ice Queen pushes her off with a blast off snow, which permits Fionna to have the ability to attain Gumball’s icy jail, and she or he smashes it open. Gumball and Fionna are each free of their restraints, whereas Ice Queen is roofed by the falling icicles. Simply then, Cake, who had heard noises downstairs, comes into the room. She see Fionna and Gumball standing collectively, Fionna in a torn gown, and jumps to the mistaken conclusion and assaults Gumball. Fionna pulls her off and explains what occurred, simply as Ice Queen begins to get well. Fionna and Cake handle to knock her tiara off, then Cake dons the tiara and buries Ice Queen in snow. Gumball is impressed and asks Fionna on a date, however Fionna rejects him.

I actually like this little speech, and I feel it’s an important factor for youths to listen to, particularly ladies. Besides then Fionna goes on…

  • Fionna: However there’s one man I’d do something thus far. [In a smitten voice] The Ice King!
  • Prince Gumball: What?!
  • Cake: Me, too. Ice King’s the actual deal!
  • [Lord Monochromicorn pops out from under the floor and says “ISE” in Morse Code].

Owl Spit

It’s truly not that stunning as a result of I already knew that this was a fan fiction of Ice King’s, however I simply actually wished an excuse to make use of that image. So yeah, as Fionna goes about what a “hottie” Ice King is (to every their very own), we uncover that this entire episode was simply Ice King’s fan fiction that he wrote about Finn and Jake, who’re frozen in place in his fort whereas he reads out loud to them.

I actually, actually loved this episode. I feel the explanation why is that I actually adore it when writers acknowledge their fan base and tease them, not in a malicious manner however in an affectionate manner, and this episode very affectionately parodies two of my favourite elements of fandom tradition: Rule 63 and fan fiction.

Let’s begin with Rule 63, which is the concept any given male character can have a feminine model and vice versa. It’s fairly frequent to see folks gender-bending well-liked characters in fan artwork and such, and for some purpose I’ve at all times been enamored with the idea. I like taking a look at Rule 63 fan artwork, seeing my favourite characters reimagined as a distinct gender. So, the concept of a whole episode with gender-bent variations of the characters, and apparently extra gender-bent episodes to comply with? Yeah, that received me fairly excited.

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And what I like about this episode is that whereas their genders are modified, their roles will not be. Fionna remains to be adventurous and violent. Ice Queen remains to be a creep who tries to kidnap princes. Gumball nonetheless must be saved by Fionna, apparently fairly typically. I’m so glad that they didn’t really feel the necessity to swap up their roles and even change their personalities that a lot. There appears to be this concept that there are big variations between how one can write a feminine character and how one can write a male character, which I don’t get. I imply, yeah, there are just a few variations, however I don’t suppose they’re almost as pronounced or as quite a few as peoples suppose. No matter would make a male character fascinating also can make a feminine character fascinating, and vice versa. There’s no purpose {that a} feminine character can’t love combating, there’s no purpose {that a} male character can’t have to be saved by a feminine character. No purpose besides sexist tropes that individuals refuse to surrender. So thanks, Journey Time writers, for realizing that there doesn’t have to be that massive of a distinction.

That’s to not say that there aren’t minor variations in these gender-bent characters, however they are surely minor. On this model, Gumball overtly likes Fionna, however this is sensible as a result of from their appearances, I received the impression that Fionna and Gumball are nearer in age than Finn and Bubblegum. I’ve a sense that Bubblegum could be extra ahead with somebody her age. Ice Queen additionally seems smarter and extra threatening than Ice King, however she’s in the end nonetheless a loser and a creep.

Now, fan fiction. This can be a big a part of fandom, and one which I feel is commonly misunderstood. I’ll admit that, for a very long time, fan fiction was mainly only a joke to me. The entire ones I’d learn had been horribly written ones that my buddies and I’d chuckle at and make enjoyable of, and the entire concept appeared ridiculous to me. Then I began to come back throughout fan fics that I truly appreciated. I imply genuinely appreciated, not simply in a so-bad-it’s-good manner. And I began to understand that I used to be being fairly unfair to fan fic usually, that simply because there’s a whole lot of crap on the market (and I imply a lot) it doesn’t imply that there isn’t something good, and that fan fiction does have a function. It’s a great way for followers to discover the characters that they love, and even the characters they hate. It’s a great way for followers to be inventive and maybe open different followers as much as a distinct mind-set. However, in fact, fan fiction is generally about wish-fulfillment. It’s about followers saying, “I want to see this happen in this fictional universe and it didn’t happen, so I’ll make it happen for myself and for anyone else who may be interested” or “I didn’t like the way this happened, so I’m going to rewrite it my way for myself and for anyone else who may be interested”. I feel that’s the half that throws folks off about fan fiction, as a result of folks suppose it’s nearly butthurt followers who couldn’t deal with issues not going their manner, or who simply wished to stay out some bizarre fantasy by inserting themselves into the story as a Mary Sue/Gary Stu. However there’s nothing mistaken with wish-fulfillment, there’s nothing mistaken with self-indulgence. There’s nothing mistaken with me desirous to learn a Spideypool fan fic as a result of I desperately love that ship and I do know it’s unlikely to grow to be canon. There’s nothing mistaken with wanting to place your self into the story since you love this universe and these characters a lot. Yeah, likelihood is that the fan fic received’t be technically good, but when it’s only a little bit of innocent enjoyable and fantasy, who provides a shit? Except the fan fic is doing one thing clearly gross or mistaken, like incest, pedophilia, glorified rape/abuse, spreading bigoted beliefs or issues like that, I don’t care what folks need to write about. I do nonetheless make jokes about fan fic, but it surely’s principally executed with affection now. I actually do have an important, unironic love for fan fiction.

So, all of this to say that I like the writers for acknowledging the existence of fan fiction, and it makes good sense for Ice King to be a fan fic author. I may completely see him writing a type of unhealthy fan fics with an apparent Mary Sue/Gary Stu, the place the characters the writer likes are good angels and the characters they don’t like are irredeemable monsters, the place what little plot there’s is mindless as a result of that is clearly simply the writer taking part in out a fantasy. And I guess Ice King could be a type of authors who would argue with commenters who give their fan fics unhealthy evaluations and are available again at them with issues like “OMG I WROTE THIS FOR SCHOOL OKAY I DON’T CARE IF YOU LIKE IT” or the ever well-liked “IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT DON’T READ IT”. (Hey, simply because I’ve a smooth spot for fan fiction as an entire doesn’t imply I can’t make enjoyable of immature folks on-line who can’t take criticism.)

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However the bizarre factor is, Ice King’s fan fic doesn’t grow to be that till the previous few seconds of the episode. Ice Queen would presumably have been Ice King’s Stu/Sue, and she or he’s extra intimidating and highly effective than Ice King is (and warmer… simply saying), however she nonetheless fails, and Gumball, the counterpart of Ice King’s favourite princess, doesn’t like her. Doesn’t precisely match with the entire wish-fulfillment concept behind fan fic.

It’s solely on the very finish, when Fionna randomly mentions Ice King (so Ice Queen isn’t his counterpart?) that wish-fulfillment comes into play, as Fionna talks about how a lot she loves him and the story ends with them getting married. Which is absolutely bizarre as a result of Fionna is Finn’s counterpart. Finn’s. The truth that Ice King’s fan fic entails him dwelling fortunately ever after with a feminine Finn significantly raises some eyebrows. Does this imply Finn/Ice King is canon now?

This submit is already manner too lengthy so let’s wrap this up. I actually liked this episode. I like the reference to Rule 63 and fan fiction, I adore it when writers acknowledge their fandom, and I simply love this episode. I like Fionna and Ice Queen and the entire gender-swapped gang as a lot as I like their normal types.

Ranking: 11/10


The episode begins with Finn pulling out a wad of Bubblegum’s hair (presumably the one he received from her in To Lower a Girl’s Hair) and, considering he’s alone, cuddling with it till Jake and BMO seem from behind the sofa. The sight of Finn cuddling with a wad of hair doesn’t shock Jake, who already is aware of in regards to the “private time he spends with the wad of Princess Bubblegum’s hair”. I ponder how a lot Jake has seen Finn do with the hair. Puberty is a bizarre time for all of us, and it’s most likely even weirder going by puberty in Ooo. Anyway, Finn is embarrassed, however Jake reassures him that all of them have beloved keepsakes, and he reveals Finn his favourite blanket. Simply then a door seems out of skinny air and a Door Lord (a being that may open door-like portals… or portal-like doorways?) hops out of it. The Door Lord snatches Finn’s wad of hair, Jake’s blanket and BMO’s controller, then disappears by one other door. Finn, Jake and BMO comply with the Door Lord by just a few doorways, finally discovering him within the Sweet Fortress, the place they see Bubblegum chasing him, although they will’t see what he stole from her. The Door Lord escapes by one other door and Bubblegum joins Finn, Jake and BMO in chasing after him. They find yourself in Marceline’s home, the place Marceline is combating off the Door Lord. One other door is opened and solar shines by it, which forces Marceline to fall again whereas the Door Lord jumps by it. This door brings all of them (Marceline dons a hat and gloves to guard her from the solar) to Pink Rock Go, the place the Door Lord has disappeared behind an enormous gateway that the others can’t get by.

Finn reads an inscription on the gateway that claims, “This door shall yield to no command save for a song from a genuine bande.” Finn wonders what this implies, and Bubblegum has this to say, “It’s the door of the Door Lord, Finn. We used to lock them up, but they kept breaking out. ‘Cause they’re Door Lords.” No shit, Bubblegum. Marceline factors out that they escaped as a result of Bubblegum allow them to stay, which angers Bubblegum however, effectively, possibly Marceline has some extent. Finn thinks that they’re purported to open the door with music, so the 5 of them try and kind a quintet, however with Bubblegum and Marceline consistently taking jabs at each other it’s not precisely going in response to plan. At one level, Marceline sings about desirous to “drink the red from your pretty pink face” (now that’s transport fodder if I ever heard it), and Bubblegum feedback that the lyrics are distasteful. Marceline angrily continues her tune with some pointed lyrics towards Bubblegum:

  • Sorry I don’t deal with you want a goddess,
    Is that what you need me to do?
    Sorry I don’t deal with you such as you’re good,
    Like all of your little loyal topics do,
  • Sorry I’m not made from sugar,
    Am I not candy sufficient for you?
    Is that why you at all times keep away from me?
    That have to be such an inconvenience to you
  • Properly… I’m simply your downside,
    I’m simply your downside,
    It’s like I’m not even an individual, am I?
    I’m simply your downside


Precise footage of Marceline hitting Bubblegum with a fact bomb. No that isn’t a Mortal Kombat gif what are you speaking about.

Okay, to be truthful to Bubblegum, I do not know what precisely occurred in Marceline and Bubblegum’s previous to make them so bitter towards each other. There was clearly one thing, however I don’t know what precisely, so I don’t know if the blame is all on Bubblegum as Marceline makes it appear with this tune. However Marceline does say one thing fascinating right here: she’s the one character we’ve seen thus far who doesn’t deal with Bubblegum like she’s good. Bubblegum’s topics adore her and don’t appear sensible sufficient to suppose for themselves, Finn is normally blind to Bubblegum’s faults resulting from his crush on her, Jake most likely isn’t as blind however he by no means says or thinks something damaging about Bubblegum both, she’s Ice King’s favourite princess (not an excellent factor however nonetheless), everybody in Ooo thinks she’s stunning and clever and she or he’s one of the crucial appreciated and revered folks there. Marceline is the one one who doesn’t heap reward on Bubblegum. She treats Bubblegum the identical manner she treats everybody, which isn’t very properly, but it surely bothers Bubblegum greater than it bothers anybody else. Marceline is impolite a whole lot of the time, and Bubblegum isn’t the kind to take crap from anybody, however I ponder if, like Marceline suggests, a part of Bubblegum’s distaste for Marceline is as a result of Marceline is the one one who doesn’t deal with Bubblegum like she’s good.

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Anyway, the gateway appears to answer Marceline’s tune, and as she sings the lyrics grow to be increasingly private. She sings about how she’s forgotten precisely what landed her in Bubblegum’s unhealthy books, and that she needs to make up with Bubblegum however doesn’t need to make the primary transfer, so I suppose she and Bubblegum didn’t at all times dislike one another. Ultimately Marceline appears to understand that she’s freely giving an excessive amount of, so she breaks off the tune and yells at Bubblegum for distracting her… by taking a look at her? Kay then. As quickly as Marceline’s tune ends, the gateway turns into unresponsive once more. Bubblegum then tries to take the lead, bringing a extra scientific strategy to music that fails resulting from her “miscalculations”. If it makes you are feeling any higher, Bubblegum, I assumed your mix of science and music was amusing. Tensions between Bubblegum and Marceline proceed to rise, and after Marceline spits on Bubblegum (!!!! Dude! Not cool!), they go away the gate manner. Jake leaves too due to causes. Upset, Finn begins to sing about his buddies, which lures all of them again and will get the gateway to reply once more. The gateway opens, and inside they discover the Door Lord. They get their possessions again from him, however additionally they understand that friendship is the actual treasure. There’s actually no strategy to say that with out it sounding tacky. We additionally uncover what the Door Lord had stolen from Bubblegum: a T-shirt. One which was given to her by Marceline and that she apparently wears as pajamas on a regular basis. Marceline didn’t have any gadgets stolen, it seems. She simply wished to spend time with all of them.

So, I’ve talked about earlier than that I get actually uncomfortable and apprehensive with fights between feminine characters due to how typically it turns into a giant misogynistic mess, however I feel I ought to clarify it a bit extra clearly. It’s not that feminine characters combating is routinely unhealthy and misogynistic. I like an excellent rivalry and I like seeing feminine characters who’re well-written and fascinating, so in concept I’d love a rivalry between feminine characters. However we don’t stay in concept, we stay in actuality, and the fact is that whereas I can suppose of some feminine character rivalries that I get pleasure from, nearly all of them make me need to set myself on hearth. As a result of right here’s what most of them are like:

  1. They’re combating over a person.
  2. They’re combating over who’s prettier/extra well-liked.
  3. Heaps and plenty of sexist slurs.
  4. They’re reinforcing the stereotype that ladies can’t be buddies with out being catty to one another.
  5. “lol wimminz r crazy amirite” jokes.
  6. In the event that they do make up, they will’t accomplish that with out sobbing throughout one another. After which we get extra jokes about how girls are fickle, emotional practice wrecks.


Fortunately, Bubblegum and Marceline, thus far, haven’t fallen into any of these traps. Their dislike for one another appears to be merely a conflict of persona, which is sensible. Bubblegum’s rigidity and supposed perfection annoys the fun-loving and rebellious Marceline. Marceline’s lack of social etiquette and snarky angle annoys the proud and relatively severe Bubblegum. It really works, and it’s fascinating. And we all know that Bubblegum and Marceline didn’t at all times dislike one another, and there appears to be some affection nonetheless lingering between them, however one thing occurred to trigger a riff between them. I’m a very massive fan of tales about friendships being torn aside by opposing ideologies, like Dumbledore and Grindelwald, Professor X and Magneto, Avatar Roku and Hearth Lord Sozin, and even Mr. Krabs and Plankton. So, regardless of the story behind Bubblegum and Marceline is, I feel I’ll prefer it.

Oh yeah, and I’m undoubtedly on board the Bubblegum/Marceline ship now. It could possibly be that they had been simply buddies, however there’s rather a lot to counsel that they had been greater than buddies, and everyone knows there’s a really skinny line between love and hate.

Anyway, I assumed this episode was nice. I at all times love the extra character centered episodes of reveals, and since this one gave a whole lot of consideration to 2 characters I’ve been desirous to know extra about, it was fairly satisfying. Plus, it gave me my first official ship for this present: Bubbleline! I really feel nearer to the AT fandom already!

Ranking: 9/10


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