Atari ST / STE and  Mega STE  Activision Game Reviews: Action / Arcade Games Episode 1

Atari ST / STE and Mega STE Activision Sport Opinions: Motion / Arcade Video games Episode 1

On this collection we’ll cowl sport play and capsule opinions and scores for of Activison UK releases besides the extra concerned journey and technique video games that …

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3 thoughts on “Atari ST / STE and Mega STE Activision Sport Opinions: Motion / Arcade Video games Episode 1

  1. Sometimes it's not the STs fault (yeah, did you hear that Amiga fanbois lol). Like Afterburner, it's an okay conversion IMHO but nothing that pushed the ST. But, even if it did, it would pale compared to the original. Perhaps 32bits was needed for conversions like that?

    Altered Beast… It's like there, yet not. I really liked what was done here BUT our movement is so slow. If that was faster as it should be, then it would have worked as-is.

    Liking RoboKid at 16mhz!!

    Beast Busters rocked on the MSTE!

    Dragon Breed is always ace. Hard though init! 😉

    Dynamite Sux more like hehe

    Enduro Racer is an ST classic. IMHO!!
    Still waiting for Peter to finish the upgrade for STe. Looks awesome so far.

    Fighting Soccer ??? Big girls game that…

    Great video mate. Do many many more. Very interesting!!!

  2. First of all, good video. Thank you for sharing.
    I have only one complaint, it would be much better if you showed the same parts of the games being played on the different settings. Games can look, feel and perform vastly different depending on the levels. For example Chase HQ which is good at the first levels and then becomes a turn based racing game in latter. (exaggerating but yeah.

    I completely forgot Beast Busters. Now that you brought it back to my memory, I remember having fun with it.

    Watching you play Enduro Racer…what control method did you use? It felt like you were not using a digital joystick. :p
    One of my early favorite games on the ST. I played it mostly on my first "regular" ST and even finished it (no cheats etc). It never felt bad, including the controls. Unless I am mistaken I tried it on my Mega STE a few years later and found it too fast, though you could always lower the speed I don't remember if I did.

    Wow, Fighting Soccer, another game I completely forgot it existed.

    OK, subbed.

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