Review: Death Tales (Steam) - Defunct Games

Assessment: Dying Tales (Steam) – Defunct Video games

Defunct Video games critiques Dying Tales by Arcade Distillery, accessible now on PC and coming quickly to each PlayStation 4 and PS Vita (bodily solely).

Do not be fooled by the fashionable artwork design and compelling hero, as a result of Dying Tales is a disappointing train in repetition. From the degrees to the enemies to the barebones combos, this recreation is a blackhole of monotony and despair. That is the sort of brawler the place each battle might be solved by mashing the assault button. Without having for technique or talent, this five-hour journey is boring from starting to finish. The artwork path could also be sturdy and the loot system is a minimum of considerably fascinating, however an excessive amount of of this recreation is spent tapping the identical button till all of the enemies are lifeless. Beat ’em up followers deserve one thing higher than Dying Tales.

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7 thoughts on “Assessment: Dying Tales (Steam) – Defunct Video games

  1. Anytime there was more than one thing on screen I was having a hard time following the action. The art style combined with those light effects are distracting.

    As an avid vita collector, I think I'd pass on this. Looks like It would be even harder to follow on that screen.

    QOTD, still streets of rage 2.

  2. What a bummer. It’s beautiful but what a waste. I think he’s even releasing a physical vita version of this unless I’m confusing it with another game. Great review my friend. Edit: obviously I wrote this while watching the video and hadn’t heard you mention the vita yet. 😉

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