All Legendary Pokémon Locations in New Pokémon Snap (Guide & Walkthrough)

Struggling to seek out the entire Legendary Pokemon within the Lental Area? Our information will present you precisely how you can make them seem and get one of the best snaps!

Spoiler-free timestamps:

0:00 Intro & Required Story Legendary (Aurus Illumina spot) (Xerneas)
0:33 Founja Jungle Legendary (Mew)
1:21 Florio Nature Park Legendary (Shaymin)
2:43 Elsewhere Forest Legendary (Celebi)
3:29 Lental Seafloor Legendary (Lugia)
4:22 Maricopia Reef Legendary (Manaphy)
5:43 Shiver Snowfields Legendary (Suicune)
7:13 Fireflow Volcano Legendary (Ho-Oh)
8:48 Outaway Cave Legendary (Diancie)
9:20 Ruins of Rememberance Legendary (Jirachi)
Video by: TJ
Thumbnail by: Tom
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29 thoughts on “All Legendary Pokémon Places in New Pokémon Snap (Information & Walkthrough)”
  1. Imagining how cool it would be if Celebi time travelled into a picture you'd already taken before getting the celebi shot… I just saw it as teleporting though, because it's always after that it turns up.

  2. Good video, though I think you were getting a bit tired near the end there when you call the Shinx, Sphinx and Eldegoss, Edelgloss. Don't overexert yourself.

  3. Not trying to hate, but why is Celebi in the thumbnail? I've been doing everything I can to not be spoiled in this game and you just upload a thumbnail with one of the Legendaries on it. Why couldn't you just have Captain Falcon? Isn't that the point of having him in the thumbnail? To not have spoilers?

  4. Actually, I encountered Shaymin long before beating the game with Illumina Meganium. Not sure about the other legendaries/mythicals… Still a useful guide, so thanks for making!

  5. you know for a lot of the ones i didn't get i've already done most of the wor to get them XD
    i unlocked the lanturn alternate path yet SOMEHOW missed lugia
    same for suicune
    i've gotten pics of celebi (though only at the begining) and ho-oh (same thing) i made manaphy appear with the lapras but didn't see it elsewhere
    and i have all of jirachi's pics
    shaymin i've found but wasn't able to do a lot for him. these tips will be great though

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