Aladdin and The Lion King (Disney Classic Games on Nintendo Switch) Review

Aladdin and The Lion King (Disney Basic Video games on Nintendo Swap) Evaluation

Expertise an entire new world as you’ll be able to’t simply wait to be king with this masterful assortment of Aladdin and The Lion King video games. Watch the evaluation for the thin on this Digital Eclipse-developed Criterion Assortment-esque online game bundle.
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12 thoughts on “Aladdin and The Lion King (Disney Basic Video games on Nintendo Swap) Evaluation

  1. They should of just added the snes version of lion king and aladdin to the snes app on the switch these games dont even looks like the ones that i used to play for some reason all the levels look really different

  2. Meh. I agree with some that its overpriced. Id maybe pay 15, because I'd only really play Aladdin. But hey, the 'Disney Afternoon' 4-game bundle is just $5 on Best Buy right now (digital).

  3. I hear alot of people complaining about price and considering how most of us probably already own the original ( either snes or genesis or both) I'm not sure that was a wise choice, I understand that the interview will bring those that don't own the game or lost it over the years, but it not going to cut it for those of us that can still enjoy the game already

  4. I really just wanted Final Cut Aladdin. I would gladly buy that for 15 bucks. But since they don't let you buy them individually in the digital store, guess I will wait for a price drop.

  5. I remember when the lion king came out and I wanted it for xmas, parents went crazy looking for it until they found it at a sears. Holds a special place in my heart lol, I remember passing the game all the time. I tried playing it again just a few years ago and I suck at it now lol can’t even get beat the 3rd level lol

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