Aborigenus: Switch Game Review (also on Steam)

Aborigenus: Change Sport Evaluate (additionally on Steam)

Aborigenus is an indie sport that basically stands out on the Nintendo Change. Not due to its graphics, its audio profile, or for its attraction and character, however as a result of it simply feels so empty and underwhelming. The Change has opened itself to indie sport builders in all places, with apparently VERY little oversight. Whereas this does get us some superb video games each on occasion, it additionally allows just a few that you simply want somebody had warned you about. Whereas i am unable to say the $0.18 that I spent to buy Aborigenus was “wasted” a lot, I do suppose that this title ought to have been left within the oven a little bit longer earlier than serving it to followers. It is a 30-40 minute title with little to no replay worth, so for those who want a simple win in your nook, it won’t be so dangerous.

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19 thoughts on “Aborigenus: Change Sport Evaluate (additionally on Steam)

  1. This puts me in mind of Diabolic on Switch, in that it seems the developer had some good ideas that were never really fleshed out enough to result in an enjoyable game. I can see it being that same sort of mindless, dumb fun and an easy serotonin boost in crossing another completed game off the list (who doesn't love that feeling?); but I can't imagine it accomplishing much else as an Indie hit on a massively flooded eshop.

  2. This seems like a first game, proof of concept type thing that the dev decided to sell for some reason. The risk you take when you sell the products of your hobby is that it comes in for harsher criticism than it would have otherwise. OTOH, do you really want people to go easy on you just because your product is free?

  3. I don't think I've ever played a game in my 30+ years of gaming that I'd ever consider a "0" as a rating. That would have to be a game that is just plain unplayable and broken.
    That said, good review. I bought the game a little while back on a sale and it's okay. Though I wasn't expecting much of it to begin with; just something to pass a little bit of time.

  4. I have been lately looking at efforts people have to go through to make a game. And it's surprising how much work is needed even on this tiny indie project. People need to be more grateful for others hard work!
    I appreciate your respect for the developers effort even when the game isn't perfect. If on sale I may pick up as it's a pretty short game.
    Best hopes for the developer and hopes they can make something new in the future

  5. No game is so terribly bad that deserves the worst score ever. I think there's no problem about giving negative points in some Gaemz, because they all have something good on them as well. There's always a good way to point criticisms, and I really like your style. Is not just about saying "This game is bad, don't waste your time and money on it", it's also about the experience of playing and what you really want. This game feels like a homage to the old days of gaming, that you had to discover everything by yourself. It just failed in the fluidity and complexity. But also, some old games were this bad as well, we just didn't had super high quality triple A games to compare them to. Continue with the hard work man! Your vids helped me a lot with some budget games!

  6. This is more like one of them whisper reviews ha like speaking normally about the game but at the same time with your hand by side of your mouth saying hay I would bother with this one it's basically crap

  7. I don't think you need to stave off the criticism just because it's a small indie game. People grow best when faced with criticism & even a bad game can be a learning experience to the developer – many developers look back at their older games & laugh at them for how much further they've come since then, & I think that's great. Anyway, great review as always, glad to see you injecting more of your humour & personality into these videos! 🙂

  8. I bought this one a while back. It is better than some higher priced platformers, but it is short, and the skill tree is bland. Finished it, which I can not say for a lot of games I purchase (Valentina, talking to you).

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