A Few Alt-Reality Takes On Smash's Latest Character Reveal

A Few Alt-Actuality Takes On Smash’s Newest Character Reveal

Final week, Nintendo revealed that Steve Minecraft of Minecraft fame would be the subsequent character added to the Tremendous Smash Bros. Final roster. As is usually the case, some of us had been excited, some weren’t.

Extra importantly, eagle-eyed Twitter customers observed a very memeable second within the reveal trailer, whereby Steve crashes via a cave wall and intimidates Mario (pictured above). There certain is a variety of area on the left there… say, for somebody to edit in a wholly completely different combating recreation character?

I imply, what’s extra intimidating than Akuma’s Raging Demon?

And lord is aware of Spencer’s Bionic Arm has decimated many a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 opponent.

I’d in all probability have the identical response if I used to be on the receiving finish of a Physician Doom footdive.

Underneath Evening In-Beginning’s Merkava simply needs a hug… in all probability.

Fireballs aren’t gonna assist you to in opposition to Akatsuki Blitzkampf bruiser Blitztank…

…or the dimension-hopping shenanigans of Responsible Gear wildcard Faust, both.

Even Bardock from Dragon Ball FighterZ acquired in on the motion.

Hisui was beating individuals down with chairs in Melty Blood lengthy earlier than Aerith used furnishings as a weapon in Remaining Fantasy VII Remake.

In what in all probability constitutes essentially the most obscure reference on this weblog, somebody utilized an oddly menacing Beatrice animation from the Umineko-based combating recreation sequence Ougon Musou Kyoku.

And whereas Kiryu isn’t in a combating recreation (but—right here’s taking a look at you Virtua Fighter), I couldn’t resist together with his joyous stride on this roundup.

Look, you won’t be enthusiastic about Steve Minecraft becoming a member of Tremendous Smash Bros. Final; heck, I might have picked No Extra Heroes protagonist Travis Landing quite than relegating him to a Mii costume myself. However the existence of picture modifying means you may create a parallel universe wherein the Smash roster caters fully to your personal unusual pursuits. Have at it!

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