9 Things We Want To See In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2

9 Issues We Need To See In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2

Regardless of the anticipation for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s sequel, Nintendo has been useless silent in regards to the upcoming recreation since its announcement trailer in 2019. We all know little in regards to the recreation apart from imprecise inklings about its premise, which appears to contain Hyperlink and Zelda making an attempt to place down for good what we presume to be the useless husk of Ganon. And we do not even know if the sport shall be titled Breath of the Wild 2 or if it will have a wholly new subtitle.

However with Zelda’s thirty fifth anniversary arising, we’re getting a sense that new particulars could also be coming quickly, so we have taken the time to mirror on the primary BotW to search out 9 issues we would wish to see from the sequel. For all the most recent information in regards to the recreation, make sure you try our BotW 2 hub. In any other case, what do you wish to see in BotW 2? Tell us within the feedback beneath, and keep tuned to GameSpot for any future updates in regards to the recreation.

Playable or Accomplice Zelda

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Can we not have Zelda because the damsel in misery anymore? Would not or not it’s cool to battle alongside her in a extra cooperative expertise? Nintendo has usually been good about having adventures you’ll be able to play alongside buddies with video games like Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Kirby: Star Allies, so the thought of getting Zelda and Hyperlink facet by facet out within the open world appears like a dream come true. Though, on the flip facet of the coin, it could trigger different mechanical points, as we may see triggering bullet-time as a nuisance for the opposite participant if not carried out correctly. Different concepts like having an AI-controlled Zelda comply with you all through your complete journey, a completely playable Zelda, and even the flexibility to manage each characters concurrently, ala-Astral Chain, could be incredible to see within the sequel.

We acquired a few of this fulfilled with Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity, however we hope that Hyperlink and Zelda could have extra significant gameplay collectively within the sequel going ahead and never the prequel.

Deliver Again Conventional Objects

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The Gale Boomerang, Hookshot, Bombchus, and so many different conventional Zelda tools items could be thrilling additions in a BotW sequel. We appreciated the throwback weapons you might use within the authentic BotW by scanning amiibo, just like the Biggoron Sword and Twilight Bow. Nevertheless, the sequence’ most time-honored instruments and objects could be a superb method to change issues up.

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A good way for Nintendo to maintain development from feeling too linear could be to method utilizing instruments and objects because it did for A Hyperlink Between Worlds. In that recreation, all of the objects had been made out there to you from Ravio, and you might hire them for 50-100 rupees apiece, so there was no must get them from dungeons in a particular order.

However what if Breath of the Wild 2 had this? You may hire all of the objects from the start in the event you grind sufficient rupees or take it at a slower tempo and go merchandise by merchandise. Admittedly, the presence of conventional Zelda objects won’t mesh effectively towards the physics-based objects of BotW. Incorporating them as freely as A Hyperlink Between Worlds could make this a totally totally different expertise. Possibly they might additionally implement the weapon sturdiness system and make this stuff solely final for thus lengthy. Who is aware of! However all we all know is that we would like a few of these previous Zelda objects again!

Nero’s Arm Mechanics (From Satan Might Cry)

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Whereas outright Satan Might Cry preventing mechanics in a mainline Zelda recreation could be too a lot, this new seemingly arm-possessed Hyperlink in BotW 2 offers us some severe Nero vibes. We’re hoping the arm performs a component in including new abilities, like grappling talents for exploration, puzzle-solving, and fight, as a result of that will be outright superior. In the identical vein as some Zelda tools that ought to return, it may make an acceptable religious successor to the hookshot.

Deliver Again Conventional Dungeons

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We would not wish to change shrines, removed from it, however we’re hoping that the principle dungeons include extra of what made the unique Zelda dungeons so memorable. Maps, compasses, keys, distinctive bosses, and possibly even tool-based puzzles may carry again some attraction and familiarity to the expertise. Whereas the Divine Beasts had been nice, they lacked the development and labyrinthian design that made conquering these basic Zelda dungeons so satisfying. If there’s something to take from BotW’s Divine Beasts, it might be their open-ended nature to offer exploration throughout every dungeon’s complicated net of rooms an excellent higher sense of freedom.

The BotW sequel could be an ideal alternative for traditional Zelda dungeon design to return. Nintendo may simply justify it within the recreation’s world with all of the Divine Beasts out of fee.

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Extra Emphasis On Story

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Whereas BotW was an impressive recreation mechanically, its story admittedly took a again seat, particularly towards the tip. As a result of the sport was so targeted on the facility to chart your individual journey and do issues in any order, there was little room for the characters and story to develop. And because the reminiscences cutscenes had been elective, many gamers could have missed out on much more of the story’s context.

Now that we’re on to the sequel, we’re hoping Nintendo decides to emphasise the story and its characters, permitting them to develop extra meaningfully all through the sport. This would possibly make the story extra linear, but when the remainder of the sport remains to be open, we expect this would possibly not be an excessive amount of of a compromise, particularly whether it is good. Nintendo has confirmed that nice tales might be instructed within the Zelda universe previously with video games like Wind Waker and Skyward Sword. And with BotW particularly, there’s nonetheless a lot extra to discover with Zelda, Hyperlink, and Hyrule at giant. A sequel looks like the very best place to try this!

New Explorable Areas Outdoors Of Hyrule (Or A Totally different Model)

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Hyrule in BotW is huge and a fantastic place to actually specific the sense of freedom the sport offers you. However in the event you’re exploring the identical areas within the sequel, what is going to Nintendo do to clean up the expertise for individuals who poured tons of of hours into the unique? That sense of discovery could be gone. We’re hoping that BotW 2 has some Termina or Koholint Island space to discover if it is set in the identical Hyrule. Or on the very least, possibly a Darkish World Hyrule or some Lorule-like variant the place issues are principally the identical however barely totally different.

Swimming Upgrades

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As a lot as floor and air motion was an astounding feat in BotW, I really feel like swimming was one thing of an afterthought. It was clunky to maneuver rapidly, and there wasn’t even a dive possibility. If Nintendo may enhance the general expertise of swimming and increase water exploration within the sequel, that will be superior. We would not thoughts not absolutely diving underwater both; the time-honored Iron Boots technique would nonetheless be greater than sufficient to make issues attention-grabbing.

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Return The Darknut

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There are many different enemies within the Zelda sequence that ought to make a displaying within the BotW sequel, however our private want is the return of Darknuts. Lynel’s had been an amazing problem in BotW, however an excellent quaint one-on-one duel towards a kind of iron-clad knights is one thing that will carry a tear to our eye. In each Twilight Princess and Wind Waker, they had been certainly one of our favourite enemies to battle.

Let Us Pet Canines!

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‘Nuff mentioned, if we won’t pet canines within the sequel, it is mainly unplayable. Okay, possibly not, however in all seriousness, the canines in BotW had been fairly darn cute, and the feed-for-treasure mechanic was cool, however simply allow us to pet the nice bois. They deserve it.

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