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7 Wonders Duel Overview – Sport Boy Geek

My card sport overview this stand alone 2 participant model of seven Wonders. Watch a full sport play by means of in about 16 min right here – The …

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24 thoughts on “7 Wonders Duel Overview – Sport Boy Geek

  1. Oh, and playing this and the original could be confusing because of some changes. Like when you discard a card, you receive coins for yellow cards also. I understand that they wanted to make this type of cards more attractive. But now you have to remember not to mix up rules. I can see how someone playing regular 7 wonders gets 6 science cards and yells "i won!" 😀

    P. S. Yeah, i know there are only 3 types of science cards in the original 🙂

  2. Looks cool. And they have improved the chaining visualisation with the icons instead of vertical text. In 7 wonders i never bothered to do chains as it is just too confusing and annoying to keep reading all the cards to check what you can chain. But I'm not completely sold on that sudden death victory. Part of the fun of the original is the final tallying up of points. If you are building something, collect points and then just win by military, even for you it can be a little disappointing. From an euro gamer perspective.

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