5 NEW Switch Games You Might Have Missed - Quick Fire Reviews!

5 NEW Change Video games You May Have Missed – Fast Fireplace Evaluations!

Immediately I break down 5 new Change video games and offer you my ultimate ideas and if they’re price including to your assortment, skipping or perhaps, ready on a sale! Wish to help the channel? Patreon:

Evaluations in at this time’s video:
0:00 – Intro
0:35 – Wintermoor Ways Membership Change Overview
2:31 – NBA 2K21 Change Overview
4:33 – Samurai Jack: Battle By means of Time Change Overview
5:58 – Occasion Onerous 2 Change Overview
7:39 – Othercide Change Overview

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38 thoughts on “5 NEW Change Video games You May Have Missed – Fast Fireplace Evaluations!

  1. Cut this down from 10 to 5 reviews just so I can give these games the attention they deserve and mainly cover games that I couldn't get out in time for release or those smaller titles! Let me know what you think of the format and I even added chapters to make life as easy as possible for you all! Enjoy and let me know if you picked up any of these! I'm covering Wintermoor Tactics Club, NBA 2K21 (I suck at this game), Samurai Jack: Battle Across Time, Party Hard 2 and Othercide! Enjoy and as always thanks for watching, liking and subscribing as we make our way closer and closer to 13K!

  2. I loved this format, I bought othercide after watching a bunch of reviews and yours was the one that sealed it. We have to be honest, not every game we buy we will 100%, imagine wanting your favorite YouTube reviewer to beat every single game he reviews. Just be honest about your play through and no one will complain

  3. Othercide SCREAMS to me "PLAY ME", but the difficulty and price on the other side scream "STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS ONE, you don't need this in your life of trying to build a stress free environment!". A huge sale in the future and a by then patched in "casually challenging" difficulty, and we have a deal.

  4. Btw, use 2k games to buy the previous years game for about 8% of its original price and price of current version that really is just a roster update.

  5. I'm really surprised you waited weeks till after Samauri Jack was released to do even a quick review. I wouldnt cal it a AAA title, but not shovelware or typical junk
    usually dumped into the eshop. Certainly well known enough from a big enough property. (or a network with big enough shows to pick from.)

  6. At the end of the video: “And with that, look, hit subscribe if you love the Switch as much as we do, join the growing family, and lets get started.” video plays again

  7. Nice picks. 3/5 I was interested in. I’ve already decided to pass on Samurai Jack until someday when it has a large sale cause I know I probably won’t play much of it. I’ve wishlisted Wintermoor and Othercide. Glad to be warned of difficulty on Othercide.

  8. My friend got me interested in turn based strategy games with Fire Emblem Three Houses last year and I've been wanting to try more of the genre. Maybe Othercide should be the next goal to save for. Is characterization good in the game? I know ot isn't going to be like FE, with its school sim/relationship building type of mechanics, at least I assume not, hut having good characterizations for my units is something more likely to keep me invested in the game and it's world. Great reviews. I like this format quite a bit because I can always get some good insights in just a few minutes on those days where free time is in short supply. Thanks for always keeping us informed.

  9. Awesome video as always. This channel is so much better for game discovery than the (nearly worthless) eShop.

    I'm curious though, are the more in-depth reviews, where the focus is on a single game, spoiler-free?

  10. Have u played faeria? I've been eyeing it. But man it seems to be extremely expensive . And with these Nintendo titles coming out all n a row the next few months , not sure if I wanna sink my extra money into it. It seems to be a pay to win game with all its extra bundles . I really want a good card type game if u know any

  11. wintermoore tactics story is something I was interested in but being told the strategy aspect being very simple and not challenging was what turned me off.
    Offtoic, why haven't you printed a shirt with your switchcorner logo on it? I feel like it's a really neat design and would look great on a solid black shirt.

  12. I loved Samurai Jack growing up! I will definitely be getting that one and possibly Othercide. Both are right up my alley when it comes to games. Thanks for the reviews. You're 8 for 8 out of the purchases you've recommended in my book so far. I don't spend loosley so when I do go for a game, its because I've been convinced its a good game at a good price. Thank you for that.

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