Five Came Back | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

5 Got here Again | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

5 administrators went to World Warfare II to inform the reality, and altered filmmaking eternally. 5 Got here Again, now streaming solely on Netflix.


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5 Got here Again | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

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46 thoughts on “5 Got here Again | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  1. This was unbelievable. I think the 5 directors did much more. If a 23 y/o Indian dude is able to understand the sacrifices made by the heroes, the racial division within the US at the time, and the epitomy of the American Dream through Frank Capra, then I think they really played a major role in human history.

  2. [warning]ก็โทรสิ สัญญาณเตือน หรือ ดูตรงขัดข้อง และ เหตุ (ทรัพย์กูหาย)แชททุกวัน อาจเห็น มาคุยแชทกัน

  3. The Nazis were always left-wing socialist until Netflix made a documentary. Suddenly I hear right-wing extremist more than ever in my life. And when they mention Communists like Stalin who killed 50 million people they never mention left wing at all. Sorry Netflix but you're going bye-bye on my television. Tired of hypocrisy.

  4. Garbage documentary about American film makers jerking themselves and each other off about how great they are while skimming the war. Hardly any depth, quite disappointing.

  5. just seen this last night… watched all 3 parts… absolute fucking fantastic documentary following these film makers amd one of my favorite film maker of all time john ford… and of course seeing stephen spielberg talk on these men with other fantastic directors… i was absolutely blown away… the footage from dachau had my crying like a baby…unbelievable.

  6. The Rich WAS part of Western Civilization, you morons. Whatever they were the Germans of that time have a lot to teach us. Stop demonizing them you're stopping people from learning from the Nazi society structure.

  7. Leave Hollywood of today out of this. These were 5 men, who served our country by doing what they did best, and most notable was the difference their filmmaking changed, their lives were changed forever. Their most beautiful and heart felt films were the result of their war horrors seen and felt.
    William Wyler, with Memphis Belle, and George Stevens at Dachau,
    Guy wrenching.

  8. Oh these brave filmmakers that risked their lives to bring us art!…..oh please. The soldiers who actually fought the war are the heroes. You know the guys shooting and shot back at. Not the guys shooting film. Another case of red Hollywood glorifying themselves and their past. Were these guys great filmmakers?No doubt. Were they heroes during WWII? Hardly.

  9. this is one of the greatest documentaries Ive ever seen. What those men did!!!!! What Honor What Valor What Gallantry!!! I cried at this film finding out historic events that I never knew about. Like why Mrs Minever was so important to the world….cause it was the way of us telling our British Brothers to not loose heart and hold steady cause we were about to join the rumble!!!!!!

  10. I learned from the comments that the more ignorant you are, the more cynical you become. I respect those directors who were willing to risk their lives for something larger and 'abstract' even though I'm not an American.

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