25z Cash Game Review: How to CRUSH Low Stakes Poker!

25z Money Recreation Evaluate: The way to CRUSH Low Stakes Poker!

A FREE poker teaching assessment of group member bigfish_kyle and his 25NL Rush and Money session on GGPoker! We stream these money recreation technique classes reside on Twitch each Monday, so be a part of the group in your probability to have me assessment your personal classes reside on stream!

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11 thoughts on “25z Money Recreation Evaluate: The way to CRUSH Low Stakes Poker!

  1. I did put the JTss hand into a solver but it was a bunch of nonsense: Firstly we "never" have JT because we either 3bet preflop OR x/r the flop vs that size so we don't actually have that many flushes. Plus the solver had some random bluffs on the river (78hh in villains shoes???) which in a practical sense just literally never get to the river. So yeah. Don't fold flushes

  2. Loving these reviews. Just joined the Discord. Mooched about on there looks fun. I think the NL50 reviews are spot on and would be really interested to see if you do any NL100 reviews.

  3. @2:48 you say you don't want to make the SPR to small, but since we are OOP wouldn't that be exactly what we want?
    Reducing the SPR makes reduces our positional disadvantage. Also, this is why we as OOP should bet bigger on the flop, since rangebet is more for the IPP.
    Maybe I am totally off here, so please elaborate on your view.

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