11 Fun Nintendo Switch Indie Games I'm Playing + Fixture S1 Review

11 Enjoyable Nintendo Change Indie Video games I'm Enjoying + Fixture S1 Evaluation

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33 thoughts on “11 Enjoyable Nintendo Change Indie Video games I'm Enjoying + Fixture S1 Evaluation

  1. I don’t have this particular controller grip, but I do own one and it’s the only way I use the system in portable mode, I have an ordinary pro controller and the MH Rise pro controller, so it’s handy having my normal on constantly in the grip ready to have the screen popped in

  2. Been watching you for a time now and i have never said anything. But really i need this grip haha xp thanks for showing.

    But the only thing i can not find on the website is de case to put it in. So hace to search for that aswel before i use it on travels 🙂

  3. im only a casual switch player… im on ps4 daily. but when im hankerin for nintendo first party titles… its the only fix there is. i play mine docked only pretty much. i have big hands and i get cramps in handheld mode. those tiny joycons are… no lol. just no. i have to use the pro controller. i dunno.. this contraption where you use the pro controller while IN handheld mode… looks interesting. i've seen ones for my big tablet that are similar but i dont play mobile games enough to warrant buying one. i'll consider this thing for my switch.

  4. felt like leaving another comment. you should most definitely if you haven't already check out Tanuki Justice. looks awesome! and yes, you can buy a physical copy.

  5. there are only 2 games from this that interest me. 1. Golden Force. 2. Eternum EX. i'm also getting both physically. and speaking of which, i don't care for digital. i prefer physical, thank you.

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